M.J College organized an Inter College Dholi taaro Dandiya Competition, on the occasion of on going Navratra, forthcoming Dusehra and Deewali festivals. Different themes of Garba and Disco Dandiya were organized in this program.In this evening Female/Male Dandiya Dance and Couple Dandiya Dance competitions were organized.

Program coordinator Mr Anubhav jain shared that 300 participants from different Institutes like ,BNS College,St Thomas College & Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya etc. hypnotized all the audiences by exhibiting their performances in traditional Guajarati style.The Event was inaugurated by Mrs Shreelekha Virulkar, Director -, MJ College . She appreciated and encouraged all the participants for the highly competitive spirits.In the later evening the winners from various competitions were announced.

Empowerment of girls

Girls who are out to explore the world and enter public life are faced with several challenges due to both external factors in the society, as well as internal factors such as attitudes, beliefs, awareness, and thinking. Growing consumerism, materialism, breaking of traditional ways of living, greater independence and mobility, economic freedom, and such other factors have opened up a plethora of choices. Mature decision making and appropriate action/ behavior are qualities that need to be developed in order that they take responsibility of their own wellness and safety.

To address these concerns,MJ College in association with Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) has organized this session ‘Empowerment of Girls’. Specifically, the main aim is to: provide learning opportunities for girls to think, be aware of self and social realities, to make appropriate choices, take mature decisions and act upon them; in order to empower them to take responsibility of their own safety and wellness while dealing with the demands and challenges of every-day life


In Today’s IT Savvy world the growth of every economy is linked with growth of information technology and , in turn ,sound and quality infrastructure is absolutely essential for this, Now a days IT playing important and key role in all the sectors like industries,social political & medical etc, MJ colleges has proudly organized two days state level workshop on “19th sept & 20th september for the faculty staff and students with.the basic objectives is to make them aware about the existing & forthcoming technology in there day to day towards work and even in there professional areas also .The session was formally inaugurated by our chief patron Mrs shreelekha virulakar – Director (MJ College).followed by acoustic speeches from our invited Guest Speakers.