Hemchand Yadav Vishwavidyalaya Kul Geet





  1. Enhancing the academic excellence with potential strategies and cognitive approach.
  2. Improving Equity and accessibility in higher education attainment.
  3. Enhancing employability options and building up career prospects.
  4. Imbibing cutting edge technologies to be at par with international standards.
  5. Setting-up a Student Wellness Centre catering to the needs of students for physical, mental health and other activities for innovations and best practices.

Detailed description of Goals

GOAL 1 : -

Enhancing the academic excellence with potential strategies and cognitive approach Description: The academic excellence or the optimal academic performance results from the self-regulatory methods, diligence and personal initiatives. Also, to meet the national and international standards of education there has always been an incessant need to revise, improve and reframe the contents and to sustain the teaching–learning process with more apt strategies helping students to develop their cognitive abilities.

Milestones (Sub-goals)

  • Starting new, advance, innovative relevant and career-oriented courses with focus on quality and excellence.
  • Expansion of classrooms to cater the needs of new courses.
  • Setting up a Centre of Studies with potential for interdisciplinary, advance and hi-tech learning catering to the needs of the students for discourse and discussion to explore, discover and reinforce their academic pursuits.
  • Reinforcing and modernize the library with latest trends of library up gradation and creating more space for display areas and multimedia-based information. By upgrading the institute to provide students various opportunities and exposure of a world class academic environment, the vision of the institute would be realised and targets achieved.

GOAL 2 : -

Improving Equity and accessibility in higher education attainment Being a centre of excellence in higher education, students with higher percentage get admission in IEHE as compared to other colleges. Meritorious students from weaker sections also get admission due to their higher percentage but they are unable to cope up with the fee structure of this institute as well as societal and digital divide. They also face vivid problems in understanding, learning, physical resources and financial resources etc. in competing with students coming from convent, urban and metro background. So, there is a need at institutional level to provide add-on teaching, skill development, capacity building and financial assistance to students of deprived group. Besides that, students with special needs also required special assistance at institutional level. Institute must emphasis to the deprived groups for learning and creating space for them in mainstream.

Milestones (Sub-goals)

  • Increase the GER of students coming from weaker section of society. Outreaching the aspirant students of the disadvantage group of society and encourage their participation.
  • Capacity building of students, those belonging to socio-economically backward sections of society with stress on girl students. Improving infrastructure to provide support for learning and easy access to persons with special needs.
  • Establishment of a Cell for Student Support Services :-
    • Institute is having sufficient and enough space to be used for the above activities.

      Facilities associated with technology will enhance the learning aptitude of students.

      Providing teaching assistants for remedial classes through meritorious PG students / Research Scholars.

      Remedial classes will develop confidence and performance of students.

      Infrastructural provisions specially meant for disabled students to make them confident for learning .

      Establishment of a cell for student support services will help students of weaker section to come up with their difficulties and their possible and amicable solutions.

GOAL 3 : -

Enhancing employability options and building up career prospects With a view to create strong professionals with a sound knowledge of their core subjects and advance training in interpersonal skills, the institute envisages to bring in practice various plans and actions that would open many avenues of employability in service, industry and self-employment at all levels. Besides, for the purpose of an all-round development of the students, the institute also envisions equipping students with an insight into various strands of higher learning in relation to the other developed and developing countries by providing them an exposure through various quality input programs and services.

Milestones (Sub-goals)

  • Setting-up a Career Advancement Centre to track the potential students to assist them to pursue their career goals.
  • Starting skill development programmes to enhance employability options for the students in different fields.

There is a diversity in the background of students who join IEHE for UG and PG levels. Some hail from rural as well as some from urban area. Further, there has been a growing demand of interfaculty courses from the students A Career Advancement centre and various skill oriented courses will definitely be highly utilized by the students. It will not only help them in fetching desired career but it will also help them for holistic development of personality. Hence, it would be possible to achieve this goal by the collaborative approaches from all the stakeholders of the Institute.

GOAL 4 : -

Imbibing cutting edge technologies to be at par with international standards Institute has decided to identity and adopt cutting edge technologies adopted to modern ways of teaching classrooms performing experiments in more accurate and sophisticated ways in laboratories and making administration more automatic and effective. Institute has also planned to reach to the international standards in the areas of teaching learning evaluation, research and personality development of students by the means of imbibing state-of-the-art technologies in all possible ways.

Milestones (Sub-goals)

  • Setting-up of a Hi-Tech Research Laboratory for advance research in science and related fields.
  • Establishment of virtual classroom for two way live communication.
  • Upgrading the class-rooms with ICT facilities.
  • Expand the CCTV Surveillance in the campus and establish Structured Network (LAN) in the campus .
  • Installation of Leased Line in the Institute Technical and technologies expertise available in the Institute will be of great help in imbibing the latest technologies. All the stakeholders of the Institute have been in favour of automation, database generation and use of state-of-the-art technology for improving the quality of education. It will, therefore, be possible to achieve this goal without any major abstracts.

GOAL 5 : -

Setting-up a Student Wellness Centre catering to the needs of students for physical, mental health and other activities for innovations and best practices With an increasing diverse body of students, it has been felt and realized that additional supports beyond the curriculum help and advice have come a far way to maximize the positive environment on the campus. It also results in establishing great bonds between students and the institute. The student Wellness Centre, therefore, aims to create, cultivate and establish a positive and health promoting environment on the campus to raise the fitness standards of all the students for their holistic development during the stay on the campus.

Milestones (Sub-goals)

  • To provide Guidance & Counselling to students for their immediate problems.
  • To raise the standards of physical fitness and strength.
  • To create awareness for physical well being.
  • To develop a Recreation Centre.
  • To increase students self-service option for their administrative and managed needs.
  • To expand and beauty the campus garden with eco-friendly strategies.
  • To create more space for parking and cycle stand for students.

The students of Institute are determined to develop an impressive holistic personality for be coming successful in life. It is desirable to have good mental and physical health in order to develop an all round personality. Such a centre would be a great help to the students in making desirable career. It will also help the Institute in developing learned and sensitive citizens with the help of this centre. The expertise available in the Institute will be of great help in making this goal achievable.