MJ  Dramatics Club

College life promises many opportunities to grow as an individual. Dramatics is an integral part of such activities. Dramatics makes a person comfortable on the stage, helps him modulate his voice, express emotions to a large audience and also engage them. Every college has a rich calendar of activities and the MJ College is no different. To bring all such activities under a single umbrella, the MJ Dramatics Club was formed.

Aims of the Club :

  1. Self-Confidence: To improve/boost participation and teach students to trust themselves.
  2. Cooperation/Collaboration : Theatre combines the creative ideas and helps students rise with mutual support
  3. Problem Solving: Every activity comes with problems that need to be addressed instantly. Students learn to work and execute within strict time limits.
  4. Fun: Unlike other activities, dramatics also offers entertainment to loosen you up.
  5. Trust: It helps build mutual trust amongst team members and also gain trust of the audience.
  6. Memory : It calls upon and enhances the memory recall skills
  7. Social Awareness: Drama picks up subjects from the society and hence gives a better insight.
  8. Aesthetic Appreciation: The individual learn to respect and appreciate art and performances.


Action Plan:

    1. Role in organising the Annual Day Function, Fresher and Farewell parties.
    2. Mono Acts and skits on various remembrance days.
    3. Independence Day and Republic Day skits/drama
    4. Organising Talk Show of Theatre/Radio/Cinema artists
    5. Street Plays on various social/health issues
    6. Organising Acting Workshops


Membership Criteria:

  1. Membership is free
  2. Anyone from the colleges under MJ Group can be a member
  3. All ex students can be members/mentors
  4. Experts in the field from outside the college

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