Code Of Conduct


 Maa Jagdambe Educational Society - MJ College koha-Junwani road Bhilai.



About the Institute. The parent body that runs the college came into existence in the form of an educational trust. The trust was founded in2001, Maa jagdambe educational society have a great faith in the people working in the society, inspired by the ideology of ‘Sanskritik Rasthrawad’. So she approached the people. Trust for the betterment of the future generations. The trust was formed of those who share the same qualities of selflessness, honesty and a vision to develop the society into better educated, self-reliant and stronger India. Vision The aim of all human endeavors is to enhance the quality of life through intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, aesthetic and social development of the individuals. We believe that this goal can be achieved by creating an atmosphere where every student gets an equal opportunity to realize her/his own dreams. An institute of higher education has a key role to play in making an individual, realize his core strengths, define his goal and strive systematically by observing the basic human values towards its fulfilment. Such an individual, we believe, whatever s/he does, is an asset to the betterment of our society.


M J College is run by MAA JAGDAMBE EDUCATION SOCIETY with the mission “Integral development of human personality. The motto of the college is Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” The College upholds the principle “knowledge without character is dangerous; head without heart is worthless.” M J College should be one of the best scholastic institution providing quality-based education and renounced research center.

The main objective of the college is:

  • To provide value-based quality education for all round development of the students
  • To provide courses and training to make students economically independent.
  • To provide financial support for the education of economically backward and meritorious students.
  • To emerge as premier research institute of the region.
  • To make the girl students independent & self-reliant.
  • Enable students to pursue knowledge with an insatiable thirst, discipline them to harness their energy for creative purposes, make them physically and mentally fit and competent for a career and equip them to be self-supportive in life.
  • Foster feelings of love, compassion and tolerance towards all and enable them to fight against all social evils. Encourage healthy interaction so that they place the common good of a larger community above their personal interests.
  • Induce patriotic fervor and an unflinching pride in the national heritage and inculcate qualities of enlightened leadership, so that they become responsible citizens and good leaders of tomorrow.
  • Encourage art, music, dramatics and other forms of creativity inherent in students, make them honor the dignity of labor and encourage service activities and extension programs.
  • Promote healthy staff-student relationship and instill in them love and respect towards their parents, elders, people of authority and everyone worthy of respect.
  • The institution is committed to do maximum justice to its declared objectives through all its curricular and curricular activities.

The college looks forward to educate the citizens who serve humanity. Under the leadership of a dedicated and supportive management, the college functions through a decentralized and participative system of governance.

The leadership of the institution gives a proper sense of direction to the activities of the institution and endeavors to help the youth to grow up as competent, responsible and mature individuals, imbued with qualities of the head and the heart.



As an institution of higher education we have the responsibility towards different stakeholders like students, teachers, parents, employers and the neighborhood community. We on MJ campus have been practicing the certain values sourced out of our institutional vision and mission. These we consider as our core values:

  •  Honesty & Integrity
  •  Belief in Individual Dignity
  •  Commitment
  •  Excellence
  •  Accountability
  •  Diversity
  •  Commitment


Morals are the welfare principles enunciated by the wise people, based on their experience and wisdom. They were edited, changed or modified in accordance with the development of knowledge from time to time. Morality is concerned with principles and practices of morals such as: What ought or ought not to be done in a given situation? What is right or wrong about the handling of a situation? What is good or bad about the people, policies, and ideals involved?.



Humans have the unique ability to define their identity, choose their values and establish their beliefs. All three of these directly influence a person‘s behavior. People have gone to great lengths to demonstrate the validity of their beliefs, including war and sacrificing their own life. Conversely, people are not motivated to support or validate the beliefs of another, when those beliefs are contrary to their own. People will act congruent with their personal values or what they deem to be important. A value is defined as a principle that promotes well-being or prevents harm. Values are our guidelines for our success—our paradigm about what is acceptable. Personal values are defined as emotional beliefs in principles regarded as particularly favorable or important for the individual. Our values associate emotions to our experiences and guide our choices, decisions and actions.

 Integrity is defined as the unity of thought, word and deed (honesty) and open mindedness. It includes the capacity to communicate the factual information so that others can make well-informed decisions. It yields the person‘s peace of mind, and hence adds strength and consistency in character, decisions, and actions. This paves way to one‘s success. It is one of the self-direction virtues. It enthuses people not only t